Backup Reporting made easy

Maximise time and provide an elevated level of service by including QuickView in the data backup strategy you provide to your clients.

QuickView will automatically collate and display backup reports in one central location, in an easy to read format so you don't have to get bogged down with them any longer.

Features & Benefits

Some of the key features and benefits include:

  • Collates backup information from multiple email reports.
  • Compatible with most major backup solutions.
  • Provides a quick view on successful & failed backups in both calendar and table formats.
  • Reports on how long a particular backup has been successful.
  • Access to view emails for up to two months.
  • Retain information for two years so you can view historical data.
  • Multiple access levels - admin and non-admin users.
  • QuickView processes your backup email reports every few minutes so no matter where you are in the world your reports are up-to-date and available.
  • Easy to setup - sign up and forward your backup emails to a unique email address that we provide then we'll do the rest.
  • Cost effective - small annual fee saves many hours of manually checking daily backup emails.

Global Dashboard

The global dashboard provides a quick status report of all client backups over the past 24 hours along with a detailed report of failures and the ability to mark these issues as resolved. This is particularly useful when multiple staff are dealing with the same clients or when a manager needs to check that these issues have been resolved or acknowledged. A copy of the original email is also available in this view along with links to more details and history.

Detailed Client Reports

Detailed reports are a click away from the global and client dashboards. These reports display both up-to-date and historic information such as backup status, start and finsh times, duration, backup size and speed (depending on available data) in graph, table and calendar views.

Calendar View

The calendar view provides a good overview of all the backup jobs for each client. It can be useful when scheduling jobs to ensure conflicts are avoided as well as reviewing completed and failed jobs. Each item can be clicked on to display more detailed information.

Daily Summary Emails

An optional daily summary for each client can be emailed to selected users at a specific time of the day.

Multiple Users and Client Allocation

Multiple admin and non-admin users can be setup on the platform and clients can be allocated to one or more users. This is useful when staff members have a dedicated selection of clients they are responsible for.

Client Administration

Admin users have the ability to add, edit and deactivate clients and client users. Client dashboards, payment information and their unique email address can also be accessed from the client admin page.

Good ROI and Risk Reduction

The amount of time spent manually reading backup emails and checking logs can be better spent in other areas. Not only do the benefits of using this platform outweigh the costs, it also reduces risk within your clients business, as well as your own, by providing readily available and easy to read backup status. This allows for quick resolution of issues to ensure data backups are up-to-date and complete.

Safe and Secure

Our reports are solely based on the summary information imported from emails sent by your backup software so we never see your actual data or have any access to your backup systems or network. Access to information stored on the website is protected by your personal login and transmitted data is encrypted and secured with SSL.

Supported Systems

Most major backup systems are supported with others being added continually. If you have a different system that you think we should support, please feel free to contact us.